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Hearts of Iron III (HOI 3) is a grand-scale strategy game designed by enthusiasts of World War II history, and focused on the military, political, economic and diplomatic interactions worldwide between 1936 - 1948. Every effort at maximizing both realism and playability has been made, and an excellent balance has been found.

It is the first strategy game of its type with a realistic supply system, which individually accounts for units of supply or fuel on its way to the units at the front, allowing interdiction of supply by the enemy, or interruption because of bottlenecks on muddy roads. The weather system is a detailed simulation just by itself, and the impact of weather is realized on the battlefield. An intricate system of research and development for new weapons will make a difference over time. There is much here for those who seek historical detail and accuracy.

At the same time, no game has ever implemented this degree of flexibility for players who might otherwise be overwhelmed by the detail. The system of Theatre Commanders and Headquarters networks allow any player to set most or all of the war on “autopilot” while he or she concentrates on whatever elements they so desire. You have all the complex instruments of war at your fingertips if you want them, yet you have the freedom to defer most or all of the minor decisions to artificial ministers or generals so you can either enjoy the broad overview of the game, or learn how to play it gradually.

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